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SafeSize is the global leader in shoe recommendation and fitting advice.

And this is how we do it

Our technology

We’ve created the most advanced analysis tools for a unique customer experience


3D instore foot scanning

Proprietary 3D foot analysis: static and dynamic. Modular and Customizable for every retailer, making it a turn-key solution in just one stop. We also offer analysis for Omnichannel environment.


3D instore shoe scanning

Our in-house developed X-ray scanning solution gets a detailed capture of the inner shoe volume. It is a unique solution replicating the pressure points of a foot and is compatible with all types of shoes.


Insole analysis

Based on dynamic analysis we create fully customized medical quality insoles, handmade with tailored development based on the foot, the shoe and the use of the customer.


The perfect fit

By combining all these steps we are the only ones that can offer our in-house developed Personalized Size Fitting Algorithm to create the right match of the foot to the perfect fitting shoe.

SafeSize in numbers

Over 10 years of our exciting journey, we have combined the industry leading latest technologies and our years of experience to leverage the power of SafeSize and maximize growth and efficiency of 1000+ retailers. SafeSize has delivered over 12 million personalized foot scans and fitting recommendations. We are the only provider of 3D foot scanners featured children-focused application. To this date, there are 500.000 children that have received a healthy shoe advice from us.

More revenue

We primarily work in the shoe retail sector with customers from around the world. On average our customers have their conversation rate increased by 62%, higher average selling price and 30% less on product returns.

SafeSize in numbers

Our customers are well-known brands and retailers

Today's leading brands and retailers are choosing SafeSize for their sales/marketing productivity solutions and exploring innovative ways to grow their business through seamless omnichannel user experience. Following clients and their stories are representative of how retailers around the global use SafeSize to bring their businesses and consumers closer together.

SafeSize clients
We are always improving

We are always improving

SafeSize comprises of highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Our dedicated R&D team holds Ph.D. degrees in the field of Computer Sciences, Software Development, and Electronic Engineering. The scientific know-how covers various aspects of in-depth structure sensor, 3D scanning and augmented reality.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, as well as our ability to deliver for our partners. Our focus remains on using innovative techniques for brands, retailers to stay connected to their consumers, personalized shopping experience, in the mean time, drive sales both online and offline. If you want to push the boundaries of excellent customer journeys, get in touch.

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